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Bill Oberg, Owner / Massage Therapist

Lic.# 2016001776

Bill wants to take you out of pain and discomfort and make your body feel as good as possible. He is grateful for the opportunity to make such a change happen in each and every client he gets to work with. 


Trained at the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis, MO, Bill has worked hard to continue his education and knowledge of soft-tissue therapy, and especially anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. He believes in going far beyond "rubbing bodies" and instead using his understanding of the body's soft-tissue to create real and powerful change. 


Bill specializes in pain and tension relief management. Bill will work with you in coming up with a plan to address the pain and discomfort you are experiencing, no matter if it's acute or chronic. Bill is passionate about providing this relief in as pleasurable a way as possible -- "hurts so good" is the phrase that often comes to mind for those whose soft-tissue is at a high level of tightness and is being released in a compassionate manner.


A big believer in self-care, he will also recommend appropriate stretches you can do as maintenance and provide strength training advice where applicable, as muscle weakness is often the reason for the loading up of tension. His goal is for you to feel better longer and visit him less often as opposed to the other way around.


Lauren Vennard, Owner / Massage Therapist

Lic.# 2015041046

Lauren strives to promote the well being of her clients by increasing awareness of the body and mind connection in a relaxing atmosphere. Her goal is to reduce the stress and anxiety of daily living while providing greater flexibility and range of motion.

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